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 The Rigby staff are expertly trained, knowledgeable, courteous and ensure that each customer receives the highest standard of service and care.  Our certified technicians have years of valuable experience providing you with the highest level of quality in every job. Each customer and client of Rigby Plumbing & Heating receives timely and professional assistance with service from the best staff in the Southeast Idaho area.   

Damien Young

Plumbing Journeyman & HVAC Apprentice
Rigby Plumbing and Heating--13.jpg

Jon Bice

Industrial Specialist 
Rigby Plumbing and Heating-2523.jpg

Dave Morris

Plumbing Journeyman
Rigby Plumbing and Heating-2529.jpg

Jaren Johnson

HVAC Journeyman
Rigby Plumbing and Heating--7.jpg

Bryan Koller

HVAC Apprentice
Rigby Plumbing and Heating-2517.jpg

Hunter Bybee 

HVAC Apprentice
Rigby Plumbing and Heating-2498.jpg

Cameron Thomas

HVAC Apprentice
Rigby Plumbing and Heating--9.jpg

Cassie Rigby

Owner/Office Manager
Rigby Plumbing and Heating-2491.jpg

Diane Windley

Rigby Plumbing and Heating-2540.jpg
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